DXM = the best?

I'm poppin an entire bottle of Robitussin (DXM only) today in more or less 2 hours. This is my second trip on the drug(i've done many others though such as Morning glory (LSA) Ganja (of course), Mescaline, alcohol and countless other things). But ya does anybody own any fun ideas to do while on, sick movies to see?

How about stop doing drugs, obtain an education, and find a good errand? How does that sound? Too "real" for you? Huh? Huh?
I love to be outside while I'm tripping. I move about for long walks contained by the woods and stuff.

I worry just about DXM thought. I know you've got the robitussin beside only DXM but I've hear you can have fruitless side effects even from that. Do you have a trip sitter?
It's cheap and court, but I don't think its the best means of access to get soaring. What the experience lacks is the mental high that marajuana or psilocybin can deliver. DXM is a completely physical sort of high-ranking. One's mind is not really involved much in the experience. I also disliked the "haingover" the subsequent day. The effect is intricate to describe, but I found it extremely annoying.
jacob's ladder is supposedly one of the best and worst (at indistinguishable time) movies to watch while on drugs. I've hear it produces very extreme effects, although they might not be pleasant.

I'd watch out with DXM though, it can really mess citizens up, especially if mixed with other drugs such as alcohol.
I know I am a moment or two late. But I agree near Gwen.

Go outside, play with make-up. That is the greatest thing to do while tripping.

Life shifting experiences in the trees.
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