Should I see a dermatologist, endocrinologist or a gynaecologist? or adjectives of them?

i would like to run see a specialist but im not sure which one to choose..?

about me
-17 yr hoary female
-5'2" & 110 lbs
-severe hackle loss, started 2 years ago (possibly androgenic?)
-excess hair growth on legs, thighs, arms, stomach, facial mane
-moderate acne
-lab blood tests: testosterone level normal, estrogen low majority range
-family history of polycystic ovaries
-otherwise contained by good condition

right now my principal concern is the hair loss, im pretty sure its related to my hormones, who should i step see for this, plzz help

gratefulness so much in finance

Answers:    You should start off by seeing an endocrinologist. They will be capable of do a lot of blood work and test for you then tolerate you know where to run from there. My pelt has be falling out for 2 years now too but im really not bothered to see an expert in the region of it, not til i'm going bald anyway. Best of luck...
Endocrinologist can check your thyroid function, but so can a regular relatives doctor. Have you seen your everyday family doctor for any of your symptoms?

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