Do you bring back headache from flavored coffees?

The ones that contain aspartame and have a phenylalanine limitation. Can you taste the phenylalanine (immediately)? I don't hold PKU but I get headache from aspartame and have to turn down flavored coffee when offered (a very minor annoyance).

I don't get hold of headaches from flavoured coffees, but I do seize them from other "sugar-free" products that use aspartame.
I think it's our bodies trying to put on alert us that we are putting harmful artificial chemicals into our systems.
I certainly have PKU, so I don't drink things similar to that. What I wanted to voice though is that you cannot taste Phenylalanine, it is an amino sharp not a flavoring etc. I do know that alot of people tend to procure headaches from aspartame though. So to answer your examine, no. Nobody can taste Phenylalanine because it is not some sort of flavoring etc, it is an amino tart that is found contained by basically every food.
No I don't
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