Drug query?

my ex gfs boyfriend is wants her to try drugs call tripple Cs,
does anyone know what exaclty that is and what it is equivilent to?

it's the urban christen for DXM (dextromethorphan)



and if that story is ever true... go call for 911 now
VERY BAD IDEA! See the above comment for details on credentials. I can add that I've see it done, and the participants did NOT savour themselves. I imagine that it have something to do with them puking their toenails up every time they tried to move, because they be so disoriented.
She needs to know the consequences and the risks, it is NOT a gala, and anyone forcing her or coercing her into using any drug is not good communication.
OMG no! that is "corricidin" which contains Dextromethorphan HBr, a dissasociative anestetic. It is similar to PCP and drinking at alike time. Some people certainly get horrible itching and burning on their skin. This is not a weekend fun entry. take satisfactory any you will be able to describe the 9th dimension, to your psyc doctor. The after effects of this finishing almost 2 weeks and closely mimic schitzophrenia which is not noticed by the user. I be taking it almost daily up to 24 at a time, along next to cough syrup (I was even playing chemist & taking it pure) for several years. I eventually overdosed beside "enough brain destruction become mute" but recovered with a miracle. I be a sick puppy, but this chemical still affects my thinking. Above all, 90% of general public simply find the high unpleasant and sickening. http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/dxm/dxm.
triple C's, coriccidin (sp?), cord's, are a pill which contains the cough suppressant dextromethorphan (DXM). It can also be found within many OTC cough syrups close to robitussin, which is where another describe "Robo-trippin" comes from.

Taking the drug for recreational use requires the user to consume many times the recommended dose. Which can be extremely treacherous in oodles cases. It can damage essential organs, such as the kidneys, or can even motivation coma and death contained by some cases.

Most people bear it because it produces a "trip", while DXM is not a hallucinogen, it causes extreme disorientation and dissassocation of the senses, which produces the "trip" similar to state.

Having tried it myself, i do not suggest it. Its not very fun really, and you grain like youve be hit by a truck the next morning. My experience unsophisticatedly felt as though my center of gravity have shifted to my forehead and certain colors, lights, and sounds appeared more vivid than usual.
Triple C's are severely bad, society have died from them. As everyone said, they are an over-the-counter medication that contain DXM, the drug they use within all cough medicine. Coricidin Cough & Cold (CCC) contains another ingredient that is injurious in the huge doses needed to get elevated. If you do DXM at all it should be something that ONLY contains dextromethorphan as an stirring ingredient.
But if this girl is not 100% sure about wanting to do any drugs she shouldn't do them.
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