What gross does a pediatric physician enjoy?

i just want to know adjectives i can on a pediatric physician. the more you can tell me the better...=]

Answers:    Compared to practically adjectives other specialties, the income of a pediatrician is low, relatively speaking. You perform few procedures, so you don't enjoy "big ticket" items to bill. Overhead is relatively high. Malpractice premiums are increasing. A lot of the work you do is not remunerated, eg touchtone phone calls, and near are a lot of those.

If you will be bothered by your peers within other specialties getting richer, don't go into pediatrics. In the midwest you can take home 130k/year, more if you really hustle.
In private practice, the pediatrician's starting salary is relatively low. For example within metropolitan areas on the east and west coasts, you'd expect to start somewhere between 100k to 120k per year as a type of primary care physician.

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