A pt. is ordered Phenergan 10mg IM. Phenergan is available contained by a vial of 25mg/ml. How frequent mL should be drawn?

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see my answer on solumedrol

25 mg/ml * X = 10 mg


answer is 0.4 ml
If there are 25mg contained by 1ml,
there would be 10mg surrounded by 10/25 ml.

Simplifying, this is 2/5 or 0.4 ml Phenergan
This looks a lot approaching nursing school homework, contained by which case you requirement simple arithmetic (0.4 ml). In real enthusiasm, you tell the intern he's one stupid (nobody else would write such an order) and change it to 12.5 mg. If it's a kid that's too little to tolerate 12.5 mg, there's a black box notice, and it shouldn't be used at all.
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