Question Details: What ALL does this Advair Diskus Warning Mean?
Read this ALL please& Than Answer:

Rarely,serious(sometimes fatal) asthma-related breathing problems have occur with the use of long-acting inhaled beta agonists(e.g.,salmeterol)... product contains salmeterol surrounded by combination with fluticasone(a corticosteriod)It is not set if adding corticosteriod change this risk.Therefore patients with asthma,this drug should one and only be prescribed when one long-term medication(e.g. inhaled corticosteriods)does not control breathing problems or when more than one long- term medication is clearly needed to control breathing problems.Before using this medication, it is key to learn how to use it properly.Discuss the risks and benefits of treatment next to this medication with your doctor.

What ALL does it plan?
I'm so worried about taking it :*( :*( :*(

Don't verbs about it. I enjoy been taking that discus for almost 3 years in a minute, twice a day, everyday. What it ability is that there is a slight risk because it is a steroid, but it is moderately safe. The just thing you do NEED to do is rinse your mouth out after using it, because the powder you inhale could do thrush (a mouth infection). Don't worry, it is great and have really helped my asthma deeply! Good luck to you!
You should be worried, but not much. Advair is at best a fourth-line treatment, to be used when a heck of a lot of other treatments own failed to control asthma.
Long-acting beta agonists are associated next to a higher-than-expected rate of death, although the numbers are not great. This may be surrounded by part because ethnic group on long-acting beta agonists don't respond as well as others to short-acting beta agonists, the "rescue" drugs. Or it may be due to lowered potassium level or simply to the fact that beta agonists directly increase the risk of irregular heart beats. The numbers are too small to know the use, at least at this point.
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