Why is bradycadia a warning of brain edema after skipper trauma?
Also, what is blood congestion?

Brain edema is harmful contained by the brain making no room for it to expand, resulting in increased intracranial pressure and corresponding fall in intellectual perfusion. That will result to compromised blood flow and oxygen delivery that notably affects the cardiac functions. Actually tachycardia comes first and the bradycardia comes as a late sign.

Blood congestion is the pooling of the blood around a unshakable area or a exceptional part of the body. Some of the cause include poor circulation,or bleeding caused by injuries.
The relatively slow movement of blood circulating throughout the body is a good indication that in attendance is blood pooling going on somewhere in the body and if within has be an indication of head trauma next there is a honourable chance of brain edema occuring. Blood congestion is the pooling or convention of blood in a specific area.
possibly because of parasympathetic stimulation, blood congestion means blood stasis somewhere it should not start normally, for example if you enjoy your blood vessles congested in your proboscis you will have trunk block...the same piece can happen anywhere else within your body.
Cushing's triad suggests uncal herniation and the risk of a full-blown central herniation, near complete loss of even the basic brainstem functions to follow. I know reasonably a few people who appear to use their higher brain functions sparingly, but the chief functions are necessary for natural life.
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