Birth Control pills for come this hasnt be invented? it is a wonderful perception?

just thieve the pill and make love minus the loss of sensation

At last! Scientists develop manly pill
Single dose, hormone-free drug prevents ejaculation of sperm
Updated: 8:05 p.m. ET Nov 28, 2006
When it comes to birth control, it may finally be the guy's turn.

British scientists are developing a male birth control pill that could put a smile on the face of a lot of women, according to a report by NBC's Dawn Friesen on "Today" Tuesday. The hormone-free pill, which prevents the ejaculation of sperm, could be on the souk in five years.

The pill, a single dose taken a few hours formerly having sex, affects contraction of the muscles that control ejaculation, but wouldn't interfere near performance or orgasm sensation, researchers at King's College London speak. The result is a dry ejaculation.

"It’s not stopping sperm production," Dr. Christopher Smith told NBC News. "It’s not a hormonal method. It's just simply stopping the muscle which take the sperm along."

The scientists found the solution after noticing that drugs used surrounded by the treatment of schizophrenia and high blood pressure be effective at preventing ejaculation, according to a report within the British newspaper "The Guardian Unlimited."

The pill would be more user-friendly than other masculine contraceptive methods such as vasectomy, injections or implants, researchers told NBC.

"Within partially a day, the sperm is on the move again," say Smith.

If the pill passes clinical trial, it could be a significant benefit for those who are anxious about long-term effects from hormones.

But if men can’t remember to bring out the garbage, will they remember to give somebody a lift the birth control pill? Moreover, some men, worried that it could damage their virility, may goal to taking any kind of pill.

"We know from international research that men want to clutch part surrounded by fertility control," Rebecca Findlay from the London Family Planning Association told NBC. "It could be quite liberating for couples.

The pill would not prevent sexually transmitted diseases, she said.
A couple of points, it is person worked on, apparently it is not so easy to do. And how masses guys are going to say "it's ok, I'm on the pill" when they're not, and you never see them again?
Not to mention HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea etc.
It'd probably be abundantly more like female's birth control... where on earth you have to pinch it for a while and keep taking it.

I remember a moment or two bit ago I saw a news article nearly some scientists in Europe be developing one.

It's a little (a lot, actually) more complicated than feminine birth control.
It is a matter of numbers and statistics. In a women, you hold to prevent normally the availability of one or two eggs per month. With men, you are chitchat millions of sperm that must be controlled. The odds are against you.
There is a birth control pill for men, but you hold to go to France to carry it. It isn't approved for use in the United States.

The FDA keep it illegal because they are within cahoots with the courts, who don't choice for us to be able to control our own reproductive rights.

Child support is big business, you know. Those women who "forget" to lift the pill or purposely lube themselves with petroleum base jellies so the condoms will break, or push pins through their diaphrams, etc, can't be forced to not have your little one.

But they sure can get an abortion in need your say-so, can't they?

El Chistoso
No woman in her right mind would EVER trust a man to hold his pills. For goodness sake, they can't even put the toilet form down.

The man does not have to verbs about becoming pregnant, and have much less incentive to be responsible going on for contraception.

There's also the big bad world of STD's to consider, including HIV.

The best approach to achieve the above-mentioned result is to receive married and maintain a monogamous relationship. (But that's a bit trickier than taking a pill, isn't it?)
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