HELP! Has anyone gain counterweight from the large blood pressure medication Diovan? Dr. say NOT a side effect...

Can anyone please help me...I hold been on the lofty blood pressure medication Diovan...for about a month and a partly, and slowly been putting on bulk since I started taking it. So far about 12 pounds. Seems mostly contained by my belly. My doctor keeps unfolding me that weight gain is NOT a side effect of this type of blood pressure medication...but I am NOT doing anything else different. Someone please back me.....

Answers:    Diovan is an angiotensin II antagonist it causes vasodilation (enlarges the blood vessels), reduce secretion of vasopressin (a chemical that stops you peeing) and reduces production and secretion of aldosterone ( a chemical that keep salt contained by your body) – the combined effect of which is reduction of blood pressure.

All these things it does increase fluid loss a bit than keeping it in, so it aint the drug kid !
check webmd

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