Took a home drug interview....?

And in the interview instructions it says that even a lightheaded line is a gloomy. I definitely have a faint splash, and it's been 21 days since I smoked. I enjoy a drug test for work tomorrow, and I requirement to know if I am going to pass.

I will verbs to drink a crap ton of water tonight and tomorrow morning as my assessment is in the afternoon.

Am I going to overrun?

Answers:    If you're only doing pot, you're OK. If you're also doing opiates or benzodiazepines or any cocaine derivative, you will most feasible be in trouble if you don't hold a script for whatever's in your system.

If you be trying out for the Olympics, they can accurately find THC metabolites in the urine and blood for years. For a regular run-of-the-mill employment tryout, they purposely set the sensitivity level legally low. Essentially, if you haven't smoked pot in a few weeks (or even a few days), you're within the clear.
in my experience you are right on the border usually takes more or less 30 days for pot but i have passed them as close as 20/21 days...iced tea and fruit liquid...they make you pee more than wet...remember tho THC gets stored surrounded by your fat cell and your body type and metabolism have plentifully to do with the results...i desire they would just decriminalize it and obtain this BS over with

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