Am i right ???

Am i right if i say antiseptics are the chemicals used until that time infection and disinfectants are the chemicals used after infection ?

The difference between antiseptics and disinfectants is that disinfectants are used on inanimate objects and surfaces whereas antiseptics can be used on living tissue. Antiseptics are used really to prevent infection, I guess you could say earlier infection. But I dont fully understand 'after' infection for disinfectants, they're used purely to sterilise surfaces so that they're unable to spread an infection. So this could be counted as up to that time the infection has taken place, and after the infection - its preventative adjectives round really.
disinfectants are chemicals used before or after to shoot any vegetative pathogens to any inanimate object due to its potent toxicating effects on humans while antiseptics are chemicals used to disinfect living tissue from vegetative pathogen minus hurting the human host.
Antiseptics just take out the BAD stuff,

Disinfectants kill EVERYTHING.
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