What is the worst part of a set of focal surgery? Is it the torment, the effects of the anesthetic?...?

Answers:    Depending on the type of surgery, recovery can be rough. The ache and pains start when the anesthetic wears sour a few hours after surgery.
When the nursing staff forces you to get up and meander, it won't be pleasant but it is needed to prevent blood clots from forming, prevent constipation due to surgery slowing down the body systems, and to prevent pneumonia from developing.

Getting moving and doing the exercises the staff advises you to do are the best ways to prevent complications and treat quickly.

Don't be afraid to ask for medication to condense severe pain, but be cautious as pain meds are especially addictive. Stick with Motrin (if okay near your doctor) for aches and let go the narcotics for the really severe pain.
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