DXM users?

I wan't to try DXM. But before I do I hold couple of questions.

Is it better to drink cough syrup or swallow pills?

With the cough syrup, how tons ounces should I drink to get a clad trip? I don't wan't anything intense on my first time. At most 150 mg. But how many ounces is that of robotussin?

And if I be to take pills, how lots pills should I take?

Thank you.

Most pills that you buy surrounded by a pharmacy are 15 mg each. So you should cart 10 pills.

I suggest the pills because Robitussin liquid tend to make the user more green about the gills. 150 mg will put you in the first plateau which is moral if it is your first time. Anything more will be the beginning of the second plateau.
You shouldn't try that, really.
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