At a knees-up yesterday someone offered me Vicodin, whats the point of taking VIcodin does it donate u a lofty?

does it give u a big or buzz or something, i declined but i'm only just curious

It is an opiate analgesic (painkiller). Apparently some people go and get high rotten it. I've had it after surgery and it provided pretty passable pain nouns, but no euphoria for me.

ALL opiates can cause respiratory depression, itching, constipation, nausea and other side effects. The "not breathing" one is the worst, and is the one that kill. The amount needed to make YOU stop breathing is anybody's guess.

Good verbs declining. You're clearly more intelligent than the personage who offered it to you.
I think you enjoy to mix it with things to put together it give you a buzz or a soaring, and you would have to pocket it for a long period of time. I am not postive but pretty sure!
Vicodin is a sedative. It is used to treat mild amounts of pain, especially per-op.

Vicodin sedate the body, producing effects such as euphoria and drowsiness as it slows the pulse rate down. There are also undesirable effects such as nausea, weak breathing, allergic reaction, hearing loss, constipation and loss of sex drive.
It's a narcotic. Some population like downers, for some source. The euphoria with other narcotics isn't as honest as with heroin, but I suppose it's more convenient. Stupid, any way. And a fitting choice on your part.
Yes, give you an awesome high, but it's not much of a bash drug. You just want to sit in that and zone out and stare at stuff. And you have to appropriate more then one to win a good effect, one is only a buzz.
Yes, it gives you a lofty, but it's different for different people. They engender me hyper in small doses, but drowsey within larger doses. You should have taken it. Not to appropriate right away before you did research, but never turn down free drugs. Even if you didn't want it, someone else might own and you could have sold it for at lowest possible $7. Or you could just set free it for the next time you're surrounded by pain and you have need of it. NEVER turn down free drugs!

Just NEVER take them until you know what they are!!
Yes, if this is your first time taking it, it will make a contribution you a rather pleasurable sense of euphoria (or high). It is a narcotic, which mechanism it is in one and the same class of drugs such as morphin, demerol, and even heroin. It will relax you, maybe even net you sleepy, and put you in a exceptionally good and relaxed state. So yes, it will give you a dignified
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