8mg Xanax?

Okay I took 8mg of xanax for recreational purposes..yaya I know don't take drugs you'll ruin your energy blah blah.

Anyway this was my first time trying it, I know it be xanax, I took 8 1mg blue footballs and felt nil. No calmness, zilch.

What's up next to this? Do I have a huge tolerance to self-assurance medication or what? I know people who can clutch 1 or two of them and be completely zoned out.

That is crazy!! You felt nil? I'm asleep on .1 mg. I would advise you not to do that again. That is a trip that you feel nothing!!
You took eight blue ones? Give it a few minutes. Better nonetheless, have a beer. And afterwards call 911.
I hold a prescription.never took 8 mg..most was probably 5
after i lift them for the proper use of gettin me through situations i fall asleep for hours.
never implied why someone would wanna have fun near something that puts u to sleep
have some pot brownies
do shrooms
ive done those and its better than xanex.
havent tried E...im sure its great though
no sense replying presently..your probably sleeping or in a coma.
If one blue football didn't do the trick later it probably just help. They do zone out someone who probably also drinks. I take the pallid Xanax which is like 8 blue footballs and enjoy to take them within quarters. One pill end me 4 days because I need them. But, a blue pill is not the most potent and your lucky when taken the wrong agency you might not like the bearing you felt or acted.
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