Angiography is an x-ray procedure to determine conditions of blood vessel?

Yes, that is true. A CT can be better but not necessarily. It have to be done with angiography surrounded by mind. Bear in mind that conventional angiography requires that a catheter be placed into the artery or veir contained by order for the "dye" (really an iodinated contrast agent) to visualize the vessel in quiz. The angiography is ofetn done (at least within my practice after a CTA (CT angiogram) or MRA (MR Angiogram ) in command to treat an underlying problem ie angioplasty or stent.
Yes, it is. What's your question?
A ct scan whould be better to see blood vessel because x-rays are great for looking at the bones.

Digital subtraction angiography is what I see most in the OR - they hold an xray, then shoot radiopaque dye surrounded by the vessel they want to examine, and shoot another xray.

The machine next removes the first xray image from the second xray, so solitary the dye shows.

Angiography shows the interior of the blood vessels, and can be done pretty much anywhere contained by the body (as long as someone can feed a catheter into the artery). It's commonly done for brain, heart, and extremity vessel.
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