Does music smash own any effect on a person's blood pressure? ;p?

I know that music can help me to exchange my mood and calm down. Music can also abet to "get me going''
In an indirect process music (and its beat) helps me beside my blood pressure- but I think I will verbs my medication LOL
This would be a very apposite study for you . Why don't you conduct a double blind test and make clear to us your results !
Yep.. it does

just similar to when u get angry or disappointing.. listening to music beat if and only if your brain think the beats as a notes lines.. Therefore not all music beat will effect a person, but merely the ones which the person can make sense of mentally from events taken place in his duration which are related directly to the beats.
Different beat give different information facts to the brain.
im sure it could if you get p.o.ed at it,blood pressure usuly go up because of stress,so not unless ur getting stressed at the music im just gussing no,but it may be possible,after adjectives you can break glass near sound!
Not directly. But music is set to cause adrenaline surges and the release of endorphins which indeed can enjoy an effect on blood pressure through the creation of positive stress.
I find a strong beat make me physically ill, so I would meditate my blood pressure would go up due to the stress.
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