After have septoplasty surgery im still spitting up blood and im still contained by aching. its be 10 days typical?

i had septoplasty surgery on the 9th of July. it's immediately the 19th. i still spit up blood and feel resembling i have a severe lead cold. the doctor said it was majority but i cant find anyone on the web who have had bleeding and throbbing this long. has anyone have this surgery and is this normal? i have septoplasty and endoscopic surgery. no splints or packing. thanks

I would see any the doctor that did the surgery ,or get another doctor to check you ASAP , worthy luck
I'd continue to bid the surgeon who operated on you until he/she agrees to see you and address the problem. It seem to me that you should be noticing some significant rise by this time.

The stuffiness might be normal - it may thieve weeks for the swelling to go away completely, and even for a while bit of swelling might feel resembling a LOT of swelling because it's in your feeler.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
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