Abestos be dotted adjectives over my building during NYC explosion. How long does asbestos stay within the area/air?

The explosion happened around 6pm Eastern time today Wed july 18. U meditate it's safe to travel to work tomorrow? I dont want to breathe that stuff in

In room nouns, asbestos fibers will be lowered depending on its size. We cannot see them so we cannot say what size of the fibers are around you. Let us voice the small fibers lowers by 2 meters in 6 minutes while the larger fibers would lower down by 2 metres within every hour. By gross estimation, it won't be safe on the following hours of daylight but give a week or so if you are so concerned.Just personal assessment though.
Asbestos does not break down, so it will be there perminantly untill the building is decomtaminated.
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