AFI audition ?

Why would one need a AFI try-out only at 36 weeks gestation? I be told I needed to come back within to have a ultrasound done again for an AFI examination . why would I need one, and what does it do . should I be worried?


The AFI stands for Amniotic Fluid Index. It's a weigh of how much amniotic fluid (the 'water' that breaks in labour) nearby is surrounding the baby.

Amniotic fluid is produced by the infant and serves to cushion it from external forces, to keep the its surrounding heat regular and to allow proper distribution of forces during labour. It is also extremely historic in facilitate the baby's lung development.

The AFI is determined by ultrasound. The AFI can demonstrably be high, majority or low.

If it is low, likely cause are premature/prelabour rupture of membranes (water 'breaking'), or placental insufficiency. The latter means that the placenta is not providing entirely ample support for the baby. Other cause include congenital problems with the kidneys, but these are usually picked up powerfully before 36 weeks and so are unlikely contained by your particular suitcase.

If it is high, in that is a similarly long list of cause, including diabetes (which is NOT tested for by AFI!), but the causes are unknown within roughly a third of cases. Much of the rest of the list can again be excluded surrounded by your case.

My guess is that they've detected an AFI that is to say slightly, but not dangerously, too low, probably due to mild placental insufficiency. They would next want to follow it up to check that it gets no worse.

However, it is imperative that you speak to your doctor going on for it and hear what (s)he has to vote. If it helps at adjectives, most people beside a slightly low AFI (or slightly high AFI) travel on to deliver completely uneventfully and normally. Your doctors are probably basically playing it on the safe side. But if I be you, I'd phone and talk to them to put my mind at rest.

Hope that help!

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