Do senior citizins requirement vit B12 shots? If so why? if, why not?

B12 is good for everyone, as it builds up your imperviousness, shots are good but i find sublingual solution under the tongue as suitable. As we age everything slows down including our immune system therefore seniors call for the shot more, as they are at more risk for pernicious anemia, and bleeding under the skin.
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Pernicious anemia has its kick-off later within life, so it's more adjectives to see older relations getting B12 shots, but it would be inappropriate to generalize former that. Other than people who've have some forms of surgery removing important parts of the gut, just people next to pernicious anemia need B12 shots, though oral supplements are also needed for vegans and a few other abnormal folks. The great majority of people at any age do fairly well next to normal dietary sources.
If they can't get through right, yes.
A lot of confusion best to ask your own doctor
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