Are dairy products really called for?

We've been told contained by childhood that dairy was a focal food group. Yet I've recently read litterature that claimed this be false. It would stand to reason that milk is a product used to nurture infants and that adults bodies do not make use of it (They don't anywhere else contained by the animal kingdom). Are there any form consequences to abandoning dairy? What in the region of lactose-intolerant people? Why wouldn't they want it?
Furthermore, I've also read dairy was a primary contributor to obesity and that its inclusion as an "essential food" be mostly due to intense lobbying.
So which is right? Is dairy good for you or not? Is it basic? Is it harmful or not?

Studies hold shown that your bones stop storing calcium after you are about 15 years behind the times. Also, you are right that no other animals in the animal empire use milk in middle age. Humans are the only mammals that drink milk after their infancy. I would probably bet that we do not entail dairy products besides the necessary milk needed when we are born. Which, offer both calcium and antibodies to strengthen the immune system.
There are 50-100 million Americans that are lactose intolerant. Their bodies do not have plenty of the enzyme lactase to breakdown the milk sugar lactose. This is an indication that milk is not necessary for us to function properly. Breast feed babies are not lactose intolerant when it comes to breast milk, and may only experience allergies from self exposed to the lactose that the mother eats through her breast milk. You also hold to establish the difference between lactose intolerance ( a problem of the digestive system) and just a milk allergy, which is when the milk triggers an immune system response. Lactose intolerant individuals won't need dairy because it isn't needed surrounded by the first place. I think the with the sole purpose reason why it is advertise as needed is because so many products contain milk and if it is advertise as needed, more people will buy it.

A lot of milks contain a bovine growth hormone. This hormone is given to cows to produce more milk. It is later released through the milk, and the people who drink the milk ingest this hormone. Many estimate that this hormone causes us to evolve quicker, and also store more fat than what we should store.

So, to answer your final sound out. I don't think that dairy is right or bad for you, and if you cannot process dairy you are within no need of urgent medical caution. Why should you ingest something that your body cannot process? Dairy is not necessary, and not venomous unless you consider the hormones added.
I have be vegan for 5 years. There are plenty of sources of calcium excluding dairy. Such as soy products and green vegetables. They have smaller number fat and no cholesterol.

Cow's milk is for calves!
Exhibit A: lactose intolerance.

I'm giving it a firm no. Once you're former infancy, milk becomes unnecessary.
Probably not. I know some empire who do not eat meat and others who do not guzzle carbs (like bread, etc) and they are perfectly fighting fit. However the ones who do not eat meat still obligation a source of protein, such as peanut butter, and the ones who do not eat carbs obligation to eat plenty of extra fruits and veggies to win good carbohydrates surrounded by. So people who do not chomp through dairy need some sort of substitute. Nutrition is more meaningful for health than the food it comes from.
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