Does chemotherapy rationale sterility?

Someone I know has have this treatment, and I was in recent times a little worried for him...

It can, but if he is of child good posture age, if it was going to be an issue I'd own thought that the Doctor would have offered him storage for sample for future use, if required.
yes it can + radiation analysis.. what usually is that they may ask for sperm donation if in adjectives they wanted to hold a family.
It can. Germ cell surrounded by both men women are sensitive to chemotherapy and can be driven to extinction in the body by the drugs. Because sperm hold a higher rate of devision after eggs men are more likely to regain ordinary reproductive function after chemo. Their have be documented cases of women having children after chemo. Further chemo does not stingy that women will go into metapause if you clutch hormones like birth control the body can be convinced that you are still ovulating.
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