What are the risks of mixing 2 diffrent blood pressure medicine?

Blood pressure has be high such as 175 over 110 for nearly 2 weeks, at this point contained by time have no medical coverage and doctors won't hold time to do anything but lower blood pressure medicine. Have be mixiing 2 diffrent types of blood pressure medicine together to try and draw from it down.

Blood pressure medication work on a variety of methods:
1. diuretics...craft you pee.kidney releases more fluid
2. beta blockers.slow the heart rate
3. calcium channel blockers ...enfeeble the contracton of the heart
4. and nitrates dialate blood vessels

so taking medication that work contained by the same course can potentiate the effect. Even taking two diffent kinds...let say beta blockers and nitrate together can result in issues.

Symptoms would include general thinness, dizzyness, syncope , death.

All medcations should be adminstered near a doctors knowlegde and active comfort...if your not getting the attention you need ... try a trial doctor.
A great question to ask your pharmacist.
You didnt speak what meds you're on but it is not a good notion. Two drugs which are harmless separately can be insecure when combined, it really isnt worth the risk. If you say what drugs they are specifically it might be easier to answer within more detail.
DON"T DO THAT! ask your doc first!
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