"Brain Dead Means Dead"?

I have to ask you what is your belief about the adjectives? Will we manage to conquer brain loss? :) Some say we will this is why some associates enter in this: "cryonic suspension will be brimful in rime as soon as people will die".
I don`t chew over we will ever manage to conquer brain disappearance even if we try but even so this can`t stop me creating art, hehe :)

So what do you have to speak about this?

In the UK, properly, brain death equals departure. I have perform brain stem tests on oodles patients on intensive care. To be brain deceased your brain stem, which connects the rest of your brain to your spinal cord is dead. Your brain stem controls heaps reflexes which sustain natural life. For example it makes you breathe. Without it you would die. Even if sustained by a life span support machine, your body shuts down over the subsequent few days.

I do not think we will ever be capable of conquer brain death.
the problem is that the not adjectives the brain cells are inert so thats why the body is still aliveand your breathing and your heart is pumping but there are cell that are dead and here trying to come up with ways to rejuvenate those cell i dont know if they will ever get that far, create in your mind if you could do a barin transplate thyink how cool that would be oh well who know
wow there is a feathery topic for the morning. HA

I agree with you I don't know how they would repair critical brain cell, but I'm not a brain surgeon or a scientists either, but it sounds outstandingly unlikely.
I'm not sure what your question is, but clinically speaking... brain insensible equates to being inert.
I think at some time surrounded by the future they may be capable of make ancestors like cyborgs so preventing or postponing brain departure, Maybe one day it may even be practised of storing all the info of your brain and brain side and loading it into a computer/ so you become some kind of mix of the biological and appliance like cyborg but the device also amalgamating with your brain. I believe the thing to remember that this stuff is terrifically hard to bring your head round very soon but imagine taking a mobile phone MP3 player wager on to Tudor times it would just be path beyond what they could understand or putting a man on the moon, so as scientific advances are at break collar speed god only know what we will be able to do contained by 50 years. I think it will be possible. creepy thought though.
When you are brain unconscious or in a vegetative state. Like next to some sort of head injury, your body can still live on duration support. But that's not much of a life. I chew over that if you get to that stage, at hand is not much hope in bringing you fund to normal.

If you leave behind away of a heart attack and freeze your body before it's too belated. ANd your brain still had proper function when you died..afterwards maybe surrounded by the future they could revive you and put your brain within another person's body, frankenstein style. Would be interesting.

If you haven't seen the movie, Vanilla Sky, scrutinize it.
I believe that anything is possible. The more surgeons, doctors, scientists poke and pry at the human brain the better. The more they find out the better we will be by knowing. My belief is that brain dead those should automatically fall into "guinea pig" nouns for scientists. They will be more beneficial that way. We can swot from them instead of just waiting for them.
i conjecture it doesnt mean that man is completely insensible by brain dead. I chew over that man whose brain is dead can live but cant do anything. because man can live minus moving or without doing any flurry.
Brain death doesn't scrounging death (though beside as many guidelines and rules as the AMA have put forward, you're close enough); it simply means that you hold reached the point of long-lasting irreversible and permanent despoil that will cause adjectives of your necessary body functions (such as breathing, heart beat, etc) to cease unless assisted by a piece of equipment. Brain death is typically coined when a being may have valid organs that could be used to liberate another persons enthusiasm, yet have no hope of recovering on their own.

The majority of these answers seem to be relatively "philosophical" surrounded by their origin and I really call for to state that there is no philosophy contained by declaring a soul brain dead. The standard regulations set forward by Harvard Medical (eventually adopt by the AMA) pretty much outline that the patient have to be totally unresponsive to all mandatory stimuli that can demonstrate the ability to communicate (so if you can blink your eyes surrounded by response to someone, you're not brain dead). You can't move your tongue in any means of access (even failing a gag test is necessary).

Anyways, that go way rotten tangent. Brain death could of course be "alleviated" if we had the propensity to tell what neurons are connected specifically, within every person, to what functions of the body. It would be a situation of repairing the broken links, assuming that this is all explicitly causing the synapse to go amiss.
no it just routine you rely on life support and won't know how to communicate and interact with others, doesnt show your dead, unconscious
The real grill isn't whether the brain has stopped working, but whether the parts of the brain that net us uniquely human have stopped working.

After adjectives, paramecium are single celled organisms without a brain and are unequivocally alive. People can survive in a similar instrument, but it doesn't mean they are still Human surrounded by anything other than a strictly methodical sense.

If you are brain dead, you should be "put down" (ie, killed) beside some form of dignity, not allowed to die of dehydration, which seem to be the medical and legal professions preferred method. Even dogs are treated better.

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