Do you give attention to stem cell analysis will be usefull within retinal degeneration of mixed cause?

so what type of tissue and organ stem cell therapy can be applied

There is currently a chronic shortage of donors for retina transplant. Several team around the world are working with embryonic stem cell to try to treat retinal disease and there is also research into using grown stem cells for alike purpose. The latter type could open the door to autologous (self-donor) transplants after the cell have be cultured in the laboratory, a technique which is currently employed for several therapeutic purposes such as repairing destabilized tendons. See Molecular Vision Jun. 29 2007. Also
Very hopeful but least possible beside embryonic stem cells.
yes possible but the probability of perfect 'bring back' of ur vision may be doubtful
Embryonic stem cell will have the DNA of the donor and will be rejected by anyone else's body unless the immune system is suppressed. Adult stem cell from the same receiver of a procedure would not be rejected. A problem though may be that if growth is not naturally suppressed as for other tissues, a tumor (or cancer) may form. Extensive experimentation near animals is in writ.
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