Animal trialling.?

I got an conception for a short story but curious how to get some facts straight..

Is carrying out tests still done using cats? How popular is it?

What type of radiation could make skin or coat glow?

I'm looking for serious answers beforehand muse leaves town again.If you are worried about boss or animal activist, post using a free account.

If you've see these answers on a PETA page, give me the intermingle..Gotta write while writing is good....

BTW, I don't support animal carrying out tests or like it within any way. If you read my finished story, you'll know this....No, I'm not giving a association to my story either...

I know disections are still done using cats. It's sick because here are so many video of ones already done, available on the web. Most ancestors say they cultured nothing from disecting these animals, that be murdered for them, than they didn't already know from seeing video or pictures. Which means these lives are needlesly created & taken. Often plentiful different species of animals, 'foetal' unborn cats too, but they are still cats & obviously the mother is murdered too, after individual exposed to unatural procedures etc. The conception as with most animals at the moment, usually a result of rape too. Enforced pregnancy is common place, especially for fruit farm animals to ensure genetic diversity etc. Animals are raped & tortured for our pleasure these days. Created within excess on a scale outlook could never achieve. Animals discern pain etc humans own evolved beyond doing this, there really is no excuse for the behavior of humans. Technology is so advanced in our time there is no want for humans to breed & murder animals ever. Tests are still done on many animals & for prety useless stuff, that will ultimately closing stages human life too. As surrounded by the case of IVF drugs tested on animals- I will not describe, as the thought of them make me vomit. Not because they look sick, but because I know the pain that must own been feel. Often no pain nouns is given to these animals in severe agony, as it could comprimise results & repeatedly they are given paralyzing drugs to stop them squirming. Which makes it look approaching they are not in agony, though they are & even more disressed. Many animals don't show they are within pain, because surrounded by the wild it's a feebleness that could get them kill. So for them to want to show it, shows how uncontrolably agonizing it must be. Then to top it off these drugs are used to create huge excess of 'embryos' built humans. Who are recurrently disposed of as clinical waste or mutilated/experimeted on, later murdered. Stem cell research can be done using cord blood, there is no argument within existance that can justify murder. When humans give somebody a lift life that poses no threat of physically bloodshed them or unaturally endangering their vivacity, it's murder. Lack of money, the fear of loosing power, feature of life etc are not valid reason for this.

The pain feel by one being dying can be as desperate as the pain feel by a billion beings added together experiencing that same death. There is no course to tell who will quality what, as scientists knowledge of sensory distress is not difinitive. Pain can't always be see & recorded. This manner scientists claiming pain can't be feel are putting a lot of reliance in that supposition. As one who is not faith driven, it make me sick to be human.

Animal testing is still a huge business. Government doesn't concern, they get plenty of see backs from the company's. They are within effect allowing themself to be blackmailed. To attempt to justify it by wise saying it could provide a cure for cancer etc is futile. As we all know personality will just come up beside a new disease even worse. Sadly disease/illness is the instinctive way of population control & fundamentally much needed. I have lost several close friends to cancer. But I can't agree to emotion rule logic, we are one and only animals to at the end of the daylight, diseases created by nature will not spawn us all extinct. The certainty we know dead is forever & others surface agony, does not give us any more pressure. Just a responsibility to use this to ease agony. Sometimes a cure can't be found & relieving agony is adjectives we can do. Sadly doctors are more interested in fixing things than mortal human & relieving pain. Scientists play near biology & just cause things worse CJD, bird flu etc. If we were chitchat about genetically eliminate the affliction that is getting pleasure from sex (something which can head to 'abortion' murder) so that sex is done only to reproduce, not raison d`¨ētre suffering. Which makes it an unwanted affliction- a genetic mistake may enjoy made sex pleasurable unintentionaly anyhow. The need for it to be pleasurable is no longer needed, as masses humans are built with the desire to want to reproduce. Even at the costs of their or the childs natural life.

In short most people are sheep, they dance with the hear. Afraid to rock the boat, they let themself be brainwashed & told murder is sometimes adjectives, if society deems it to be so. Humans have better shape up though, because evolved humans won't tolerate this.
I found all the information you aim, but I'm not giving you a link to it.
In animal conducting tests, drug companies make every application to use as few animals as possible and to ensure their humane and proper care. Generally, two or more species (one rodent, one non-rodent) are tested because a drug may affect one species differently from another. Animal conducting tests is used to measure how much of a drug is rapt into the blood, how it is broken down chemically in the body, the toxicity of the drug and its breakdown products (metabolites), and how swiftly the drug and its metabolites are excreted from the body.
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