Name my Science Fair/ Suggestions for the Project?

My science fair is something like anti-angiogenesis drugs paried with other cancer treatments. It will natter about average angiogenesis and pathological angiogenesis, in other words the treatment drugs approaching Bevacizumab and how they normalize vasculature in tumors and prevent metastasis. I am doing this project for a order 10 science fair. I am supposed to suggest of a catchy name, and I be thinking of "Killing them with kindness" contained by reference to normalize vasculature in tumors past they are destroyed. Do you have any other suggestions? Also, I be thinking of making a model showing normal angiogenesis blood vessel and pathological angiogenesis blood vessels. Is this a fitting idea or do you hold any other suggestions for my model(s)?

Thank you!

Answers:    Your name is great because, not with the sole purpose is it catchy but seems smaller amount pretentious than a more descriptive and technical designation for your project that might “turn off” viewers that don’t want to deal beside hard thinking. :-)

Your model belief is great also, you could use different colors to depict ‘bad’ and ‘good’ situations/results in this process. Maybe a decent looking and sick looking tumor. Good luck, I hope you win.
I think your given name is cool, and as far as your display goes, anything you think is the best choice. I am working on a science project as powerfully, but mine is way simpler.
Good Luck!
-sorry I'm out of ideas-

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