How do doctors break unpromising word to their patients? is near caring of approaching a script...i enjoy to do a bio project?

i have a gr.11 bio project where on earth we have to break the word of a genetic disorder of an unborn baby to the parents and we hold to break the news thoughtfully and be wondering how or what you think i should speak to tell the parent that the fetus shows signs of have klinefelter's ( a genetic problem)

Answers:    You might first present the disorder itself- them emphasize that near is hope (e.g., treatment possibilities- hormone treatments and so on), that it is not their fault (nobody controls nondisjunction during meiosis) and that, as their doctor, you are here to serve; perhaps showing statistics, (displaying that they are not alone) might also be accommodating. Doctors are usually pretty straightforward- i.e., "I have some discouraging news..." but not underprovided in compassion (although retaining a solid "emotional distance" is usually compulsory, too). Good luck!
I guess it depends on the doctor. Some just come right out and voice it. In my case, I have surgery to remove a mysterious lump and afterwards the doctor told me, "Well unfortunately it be a malignancy."

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