28,430 drops of blood?

How much would this be in pints or litres and is it adequate to sustain a human life?

I will simplify later.

A drop is not a specific height, but We chemists like to consider there are 10 of them contained by a milliliter. Therefore, 2843 ml - or 2.8 liters is about 5.9 pints. I'd nickname that a quart or two low.
i have no theory! depends on the size of the droplets etc... it could be enough to sustain existence but barely...
And while you're at it, could you give an account us how many full stops you can catch out of a Biro?
Ray. West York's. U.K.
Blood, water or any other gooey in drops holds one and the same capacity surrounded by average. It's the weight which differs. Anyway you don't want to hear something like the weight. You can do the experiment @ home next to water. Chk how masses drops consist in a pint. Your answer is in attendance. Good Luck my friend!
gtts or drops are usually considered to have 15 to 20 within a milliliter, so its 1895 to 1421 ml so around a quart and a half. seeing as the average man have 5.5 and the average woman has 3.5 quarts, i'm going to speak unless its a midget, no
The administration sets that we use to GIVE blood hold a drop size of 20 drops per ml. Doing the math would give you 1421.5 ml, which is far short of that required to sustain an developed human life.
short telling us the size of the droplets, your press is impossible to answer. if you take it as 16 drops equals one mL,later it works out to 1.8 liters of blood. that is in the region of one third of the normal blood volume. at this rate , energy is only simply about possible, surrounded by someone who is otherwise fit and well. contained by an old or sick character, thismay well not be adequate.
Why are you on a drip in hospital and so bored your counting how copious drops,Get well soon.
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