A serious one contained by here?

i want to know how far have we come contained by making lives of those who are handicapped in any agency, like blind,deaf,mute or hold lost some part of nearby body in a quirk or due to a disease, normal as a model human being,or own we assumed it is not possible.i am not conversation about social work.i denote how much is the difference between the life of a commonplace human being and an handicapped creature. is there any feild of pills or engineering that works to solve these problems(of handicap) basically.by primarily i mean making it spinal column to perfect,not shifting the surroundings in writ to make the handicap comfortable.i want to sort the handicap a normal entity..

So in standard the term "handicapped" is dated. The preferred term is "disability". The entity is not "handicapped" the person have a disability. All to often contained by the past ethnic group were labeled contained by such a way that they become the disability. Also your question is outstandingly prejudicial (e.g. "normal"). Those in the deaf community do not see their argot as a substitute for speaking but rather a different spoken communication and a different culture. Also when you add age into the equation we are adjectives temporarily able bodied.

As for your examine it is usually the bio-medical field explicitly pushing development of adaptive technology. However, it is also folks contained by IT (many new adaptive devises are computer based). DA
Great points but im not seeing a cross-question, just never finish logic.
What makes you the determining agent for perfection and middle-of-the-road? My daughter is a special ed teacher and she considers her students to be the regular ones--the others are mostly self-centered brats.
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