Anyone know how to counter 'subsequent hours of daylight grogginess' of taking two ambien?

i have a prescription, but havnet taken it surrounded by a few months. i used to take two every dark, so i figured i could run two last hours of darkness. well i soelt great, but when i woke up this morning, it feel like i with the sole purpose slept 15 mins. (i slept 8 hours) it is now 3:30 pm and i enjoy been groggy, dizzy, nauseated, and remarkably sleepy all daylight long! i have tried intake and drinking planty of water, but nil has help? anyone have any proposal?

I really never liked Ambian for sleep. short permanent status memory was a problem. And at $3.00 a tab, really a obnoxious morning, even after I had be on the stuff for months. Much better is some warm milk, a heat up shower, reading something not very heavily built, in winter a melt bath, a follower that just made a low whirr noice (called "white noise", and some melatonin.) If you suffer pain and stiffness, a Tylenol next to Benedryl is helpful, and make you drowsy, and few people enjoy a problem with this combo.

Frankly, in recent times being comfortable is obligatory to get REM sleep..
A red bull help me bounce back.
Don't know how to abet today, but next time try easing posterior into it. Like maybe pocket just ONE (or partially of one) if you haven't taken them for a while.
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