Project Help *On a Drug*?

I am doing another project on the drug Opium

I need answers to the following questions-

1. Explain how the drug affects the entire human body, within particular the brain.

2. Descibe the danger associated with taking the drug.

3. Explain the difference between the physical and psycological dependence for the drug.

4. Describe the deduction symptoms associated with the drug.

Any answers to the following question will be appreciated

1) Opium is drug classified under opiates. It primarily is a type of narcotic that blocks pain to the brain- through the federal nervous system.

2) Narcotics hold to be used carefully. It must be given from a low dosage or core problems like respiratory suppression, heart problems and so on will form. Other danger of course include dependence forming and it cannot be withdrawn instantly especially at high dosage- occupation might even occur.

3) Physically you are dependent on the drug is probably due to the chemical signals that transport to your brain asking for more of the drug. Sometimes it could also be because of the low half-life of the drugs that causes a character to want more of the drugs. Either way, it works both physically and psycologially because once you are addicted, you would share yourself that you cannot live without the drug.

4) As adjectives withdrawl symptoms, shivering, sweating, diarrhea, seizures might materialize if withdrawn too quickly at too lofty a dose, some severe ones might have respiratory depression and cardiovascular problems so withdrawing must be done unhurriedly and slowly to prevent all these.

Hope it help.
You can get the answers by consulting
"Goodman and Gilman's, The pharmacological Basis of Medical Practice" published by McGraw Hill, Tenth Edition and/or "Manske's 'Alkaolids", Edited by Arnold Brossi.
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