People on Wellbutrin: How long did it embezzle for you to completely first realize that Wellbutrin be working?

My doctor prescribed Wellbutrin SR for my depression. I take it twice a daytime. I've been taking it for ten days. How long does it embezzle to feel better?

I used to steal Prozac a few years ago, and it seemed similar to I felt somewhat better right away on Prozac. I don't take it any more because I moved and my up to date doctor seems to surmise this will work better.

I already _know_ that technically it's supposed to take several weeks for antidepressants to work, but I thought I'd hold felt some nouns by now. When did you totally first realize you were recovering on Wellbutrin?

And when it finally kicks surrounded by, is it a pretty dramatic improvement or do you just about notice because it take so long to work? Do you feel great on it? A big restoration?

Please only answer if you can answer these question. I'm _not_ interested in statements from relatives who don't actually lift Wellbutrin themselves and just want to put their 2cents contained by.

Thank you.

Wellbutrin can take up to two weeks to become fully effectual. It takes time to build surrounded by your system. I was on Wellbutrin for various years. Just give it a occasion.

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