Unrefined Sea Salt and mannerly Table brackish, which is better for our form?

I understand that while trade Table Salt from Sea Salt, vital minerals close to Magnesium, Calcium, etc., are removed, which leads to Kidney related problems, Osteoporosis, etc.

Answers:    In the process of assembly of salt from ocean water, the first mineral to separate from the the deep water is Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate). After this, singular the clear water is sent for crystallising the adjectives salt (Sodium Chloride). The dampen remaining after the salt is precipitated contains a host of other chemicals close to magnesium salts, potassium salt etc.
Often the process of evaporation is by solar heat surrounded by open shallow ponds, which enjoy concrete bottoms or more commonly the plain compacted earth/ clay which gets added to the saline as an impurity during harvesting. Depending on the region where on earth it is manufactured, this impurity gives the brackish its name and typical savour. (Hawaiian Sea Salt, Celtic sea saline etc.) In addition, small amounts of other minerals close to calcium, magnesium, potassium and many other trace elements, present within sea hose down will be present in unrefined the deep salt. While refining lightly cooked salt (by wash with hose down or saturated solution of salt) to remove the physical impurity (clay, dust etc.) the chemical impurities also find partly removed by dissolving.
Raw marine salt does contain a larger percentage of calcium and magnesium salt; in any overnight case these are generally smaller number than one percent but in the worst armour up to two percent, in the form of impurity.
The amount of calcium in saline therefore is not hulking enough to prevent osteoporosis, next to the amount of salt typically consumed by us. Other minerals like magnesium as okay as calcium are found in several other food items surrounded by much larger quantities and so there is no make happen for alarm, if you do not eat lightly cooked sea brackish.
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But we call for the iodine that is added to courteous table salt or we develop thyroid problems.

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