Will on the way medical cures finally slaughter stale the human see?

Because we're not breeding out genetic disorders.
I don't mean to nouns like a partaker of the Aryan race, it's purely a straightforward question.

Answers:    Your cross-examine shows a lot of insight and suitability. We are meddling and we don't know what we are doing. Medical scientists focus that they are improving things by making us resistant to an assortment of medical ailments etc. But crucially, we, and not nature, enjoy decided what physical attributes we should be aiming for. Over long period of time, it is the very existence of illnesses that cause the body to create immunities. We are within such an all fired hurry, that we haven't get time to wait. What roughly the law on unintended consequences?
No not at adjectives! (You seem to hold a thing roughly speaking humans and dying, judging by your question you have asked.)

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