Does Tylenol enjoy codine contained by it?

Or is it a different kind of Tylenol?

That is singular available with a prescription contained by most places. Regular Tylenol doesn't have codeine.
Some types of tyenol do. Tyenol three have it. The stuff over the counter doesn't have it, since I believe codine is supposed to be a controlled substance.
NO you are thinking of Tylenol beside a number after it like Tylenol#3 next to codine.
Vicodin has synthetic codine and tylenol.
Tylenol # 3 have codiene in it. That is obtain only by prescription.
i dont judge it does but check this website to make sure

it say the arthritis tylenol doesnt have any and it also say that codeine is only available over the counter and is closely monitored.
Not solely there is Tylenol #3, but Tylenol #4 also hold codine that need to enjoy prescription.

Generally, the patients who take these medication because they hold some kind of allergy to vicodin.
In the US, OTC Tylenol is acetaminophen (paracetamol within the UK). Prescription combinations of Tylenol with codeine are also available. Tylenol near codeine #4, for instance, contains a grain of codeine, #3 a partially grain, etc., surrounded by addition to the 5 grain of acetaminophen.
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