A friend told me he intravenously shot isopropyl alcohol into his system.Wouldn't it wipe out you.Is this a tale.

If it didn't kill you,what would be the after effects.There have to be brain damage already to do something similar to that anyway,right?

The question is how much isopropyl alcohol did he inject? If he injected lately a drop so it won't kill but could possibly motivation some mild injury as liver injury for instance. If he injected a considerable amount then it is a fib. It is a toxic agent that can cause CNS depression and may front to coma and death. Blood even of 128-200 mg/dL has be associated with disappearance.
err lol yeah its toxic internally and can even be harmful if to much is obsessed through the skin
organ shut down,i wouldnt think he have a brain if he is stupid enough to do this
for every chemical within is a cieling limit for toxicity.
intravenous injection have a quick handling than swallowing.
if the quantity of injuction realize its ceiling limit personality dies.
Why don't you look up the msds for isopropyl alcohol on the web,print it out,and afterwards slap him in his retarded obverse with it? Next he'll recount you he's straight shooting acetone.
Your friend was wacky.
This person is a double idiot, first for (supposedly) using isopropanol and second for shooting it up. It's fast and completely absorbed, so there's no ascendancy to the IV route. On the scale of toxicities among the alcohols, isopropanol isn't that much more toxic than ethanol, at most minuscule when compared to methanol, of which a tablespoon will kill you. It's immaculately believable considering the number of idiots out there.
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