At the moment someone is dieing, what truly happen to them physically?

do they gasp for nouns? does the heart suddenly stop or does it slow down gradually until it stops. What is the mind thinking? : long live to adjectives

I have see quite a few dying patient. Sometimes surrounded by a person near a heart ailment say Myocardial Infarction: the heart would freshly stop suddenly (cardiac arrest) you wouldn't know. For those who had brain demise, the breathing would start to cease while the heart still keep beating. For other dying cases, the heart would start to function unusually and slow down in erratic paces- some deteriorating pretty quick but some would run some time. As the heart stops beating the respiration would start to slow down and would also stop at a snail`s pace. Sure mostly certainly puff for air until their final breath. What the mind thinking? Well nobody came to existence after death to let somebody know us definitely but my suggestion is that they would construe of the loved ones left trailing whom they are worried, they would be sorry for themselves for dying, they may mull over of any thread of hope of surviving, some may have peace of mind accepting their impending annihilation, some may had gotten knocked out for sometime before release so I am not sure if there will be any thoughts contained by their minds.

Long live!
I have no thought. I hope i will not know it all and live forever...
Unfortunately, not too late people are around to share us this sort of stuff. Also, people die of lots different causes, and respectively case is different. There is some anectodal information from near-death events, such as rescued drowning folks, or from people who hold heard "finishing words" from expiring individuals. On TV, the heart seems to stop, habitually suddenly, but this may be proceeded by disorderly heart action, as a rule in heart attacks.
People die different ways, and most of the time what they're thinking is something they transport to the grave with them. The solely thing that's pretty constant is that it seldom looks close to what they show in the movies.
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