Are ph ballancers a scam , can acidosis really be cured by these products?

Pure scam. If the human race could convert the pH of their bodies by what they eat the human see could not exist. Anyone who studies physiology would readily understand the mechanism the body employs to control the pH of bodily fluids. The single fluid that can have a far-reaching physiological pH range is urine. Save your money.
Scam. People beside an acidosis are sick, not people walking around within normal life span with an "Ooh, surprise, I must own acidosis." As usual, the hucksters take a tiny kernel of truth, misapply it, spin it into situations surrounded by which it doesn't apply, and use a ton of pseudoscience that superficially seems to form sense.
ppl w/ metabolic acidosis would be too ill to deem. leave your pH alone.
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