Afghanistan have produced another massive poppy crop?

Is their any legitimate use for this crop.
for example, are any lawful medicines still produced from opium, or is it adjectives going to used for illegal drugs?

Morphine consists of 10 % opium. Heroin is the best certain chemical derivative of morphine and the drug of choice for most American users. Coedine which is found in opium is much smaller number potent than morphine and a derivative of it. In addition to heroin the dollowing drugs are among those more potent than morphine: Dilaudid, Mumorphan, methyldilaudid,
levorphan and pbenazocine. So in that are very lawful uses for this crop, but unfortunately the improper use of these drugs is more profitable . Our challenge is to find a change crop more profitable than opium.
A blind eye is being turned on this crop by the UK and the US Governments ! serious double standards!
Opium is a by product of poppies. It is put within medicines resembling Lamotal. which is a medicine for diarreah, some countries put it within chocolate. But for the most part, I consider you are right. The bad guys are selling it destitute.
When the Taliban were contained by power the production of opium was more or smaller quantity stopped. When the U.S got contained by there it soared again. ask the CIA.
I surmise many medicine are produced from opium, morphine for instance is a derivative of opium. It's still the best form of pain slayer there is, and in that are a lot of ethnic group in seriously of pain, adjectives around the world. Where this crop will go, who know? I think for heaps people, it's adjectives about money.
Morphine is i believe opium base,
if ever there be a case for using napalm them field look
like a drastically nice place to get rid of any unused stock,
cause sure all those Taliban are out of the mode first of course
we wouldn't want to singe at hand beards would we.
Morphine. What a double standard we practice. We spend billions on the time of war on drugs in the US, but turn a blind eye to the worlds biggest producer of opium and heroin so we don't alienate the poor farmers surrounded by Afghanistan who rely on the poppy crop for subsistence. And the grower really doesn't end up near much of the final value of the drug- most go to the processor, middlemen and street vendors. With the rank of world hunger in third world countries, doesn't it fashion more sense for developed countries to subsidize Afgan farmers to grow legitimate food crops?
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