Please answer this correctly any Medical Doctor,PA,or any medical specialist?

Ok so i am 18 years old, and around 5'10. Will i continue to grow, if i thieve high level of calcium? Ex: Milk and Brocolli; just present me specific details on growing after 18. Thankyou

Answers:    It is true that height is genetic (i.e. Dependant on your parents), but at hand are a FEW things that you can do to increase your height. This will one and only change it 1-2 inches at most, compared to what you would as a rule be due to your genes.

As an individual's height increases, the bone must increase its diameter, and this is achieve by new bone individual laid down by the osteogenic layer of the periosteum. The cell that take part of a set in this process can be stimulated a moment or two extra bit by EXERCISE.

I would recommend a diet with (normal amounts) of adjectives your vitamins and minerals (you can even take vitamin supplements, but follow instructions). Calcium contributes to bone growth (and especially bone strength) , but an excess amount of them will not relief you grow any taller (the lack of them, however will impede your growth).

All-in-all: I'd vote eat impartial meals (taking giant levels of calcium will not bring in a difference), and try to exercise. For the most part, your elevation will be related to your genetics and you should be glowing with what you are.
Milk and calcium enjoy no effect on linear growth,as puberty hormones tend to block longitudinal skeletal growth.Your height is coupled to your parents height,and,our largeness can be deduced from charts incorporating their height.

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