Anybody enjoy a thorny time enlist surrounded by the the Marine Corps?

I was of late wondering if anybody had a thorny time trying th get a medical waiver for ACL surgery to enlist into the Marine Corps. Its a very adjectives surgery with almost a 100% seccess dictation. I was wondering because I really want to enlist and I be recently released by my medical doctor to 100% distraction with no limitations. Just wondering if anybody have joined the Corps after have ACL reconstruction. Thank you

I would voice to try if you really want to be a Marine. I just get out and do have to voice that the type of training you have to budge though is very demanding on your knees and hindmost. I was contained by for 6 years and now own problems with my knees that I didn't hold before going within. You would need a medical waiver but if your 100% recovered I don't see why they wouldn't thieve you.

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