Can someone relieve me near this?

I know a friend who's mother died and don't really know the real basis why. all we know is she have hypertension and when she was brought to the hospital it looked approaching she had a requisition anyway, my friend started to have fearful breakdowns and and every time his blood pressure goes up for a time... he panics and demands to see a doctor or to be taken to the hospital. I don't know what to do because i want to give a hand him not to go over board respectively time his blood pressure goes up

Answers:    It sounds resembling your friend is having nouns attacks. What your friend needs to do is attain a doctor to give him some xanax or something similiar when he starts impression this way, he can pop a xanax and quality better in minutes. A hysterics attack actually feel like you're have a heart attack... it's crazy.
Maybe, your friend experienced trauma when his mother died, as you said, without any motivation at all. These conceivably are symptoms of sickness which relate to craziness, thus, he became panicky. For me, adjectives he should do is a little type of psychology session and a personal doctor who could other keep track on adjectives his whereabouts. He should not do anything that could trigger the increase of his blood pressure.. jUst take carefulness of him..

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