Antibiotics Metronidazole - Missed a Pill today can I clutch two?

Know someone that has to lift three 500mg pills a day but have not taken any today. Is it ok to take two 500mg pills at once later one later on tonight?

If a dose is missed, it is supposed to be taken as soon as it is remembered but if it the time is already close to the subsequent dose, then filch only the dose for that time. Remember not to double up, or whip more than one dose at a time.
So if that one you know have not taken anything today, bear one tablet now and run the tablet for the next dose according to the prescribed timing.
no they voice just hold on to going as usual dont double up
I wouldn't, stay with newly one.
yes u can take the pills it is deepen on the time u sepoce to pilfer the pills
but if you take pills and miss a dosage
a pious rule of thumb
take it when you remember

For example if you steal medications 3 x hours of daylight
and you missed one in the morning
rob that pill as soon as you notice
to return with back on rota.
Honestly, no one would similar to to take 2 metronidazole pills at once. That med is really strong on the stomach. Take it as soon as you remember to take it. Continue the frequency as directed three times a daytime, and if the doctor told you to take it (for example)for 5 days (15 doses), pocket it until you complete the total doses.
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