Is intervention one and the same as treatment....?

It seems to me that intervention is the achievement of involvement in getting an individual to treatement, where on earth as treatment is the act of treating doesn`t matter what ails the person. I ask this grill because I have hear so many associates use the term 'treatment' and 'intervention' interchangeably (inclduing professionals) and I don't mull over this is right? OR am I wrong?

Answers:    It sort of takes on 2 different meaning. So yes it can be 2 different things but at the same time its equal.
People call it an "intervention" when they are trying to force someone into rehab for "their own good". But it can also be used contained by the medical context as putting a stop the any medical disease or situation(such as an intervention of an infection to stop it from spreading). With anorexia for example you can have an intervention to try to stop the party but in the medical world even if the being is going in and getting treatment on their own they are doing an intervention surrounded by treating the disease, they are intervening or putting a stop to it. I guess its all how you look at it within reality. It can be used as a physical exploit as well as possession to end anything.
They are two different things. You are correct going on for which one is which.

The medicine and vigour information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical direction or treatment for any medical conditions.

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