Someone told me that ADVAIR DISKUS can/could
cause heart problems & that it can/could
produce someones heart to stop.
(1.) Is that true?
(2.) Why or Why not?
(3.) Why would she say such a entity that isn't true?

The person told me it made her hold heart problems.
But if that was true I wouldn't meditate that
the FDA would approve of the drug& doctors wouldn't
prescribe it.
I'm so worried about taking it

aswith al medication there are side affects. However my 10 year hoary takes as resourcefully as my 54 year old mother. Neither one own any problems.

These are the most common side effects:

The adjectives and minor side effects of this combination are those of its individual drugs. For instance, the use of inhaled corticosteroids is associated with oral candidiasis.

Whilst the use of inhaled steroids and long acting beta-adrenoceptor agonist (LABA) are recommended surrounded by asthma guidelines for the resulting improved symptom control,[1] concerns own been raise that salmeterol may increase the small risks of asthma deaths and this superfluous risk is not reduced with the superfluous use of inhaled steroids.[2] This seems to take place because although LABAs relieve asthma symptoms, they also promote bronchial inflammation and sensitivity without limiting.[3]

Other side effects include increased blood pressure, change surrounded by heart rate, or an irregular heartbeat.
I'm sorry.I'm having a rugged time containing myself at the last slice of your question.. "..the FDA would approve a of the drug & doctors would prescribe it...". Okay here's the business deal. Your friend is 100% right. If you lived ANYWHERE but the wonderful world of capitalistic America you'd be fine. But you don't. About 5 years ago the drug Advair was "blacklisted". This scheme it can cause sudden disappearance. One of the ingredients salmeterol is responsible for this. They found this to be the case moreso surrounded by young folks. So what did the company that produce Advair do? You got it.they increased their promotion budget..cuz that's what pharmaceutical companies do. They could give a rats *** almost young associates dying.they do however care roughly the zillions they make. Oh and the FDA..they did blacklist it. Doctors of late don't seem to recompense attention. They are too busy enjoying adjectives the toys and dinners and trips to the Carri bean the drug companies give them. Please see the movie Sicko if you haven't already and notify your friends. Your own doctor may not even be aware of this information but you can look it up on the's public information. And I'm sorry about my introductory remark...this is a VERY sore spot for doctor just tried to slay me with a cetain toxic medication.
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