Execution and Euthanasia??Are animals euthanized relatively painlessly?Why can't executions be as humane?

I find executions of humans abhorent and morally unjustifiable.Yet if an execution is unstoppable why can't it be without agony and suffering to the individual. We read so much that lethal injections are a horrible method but we routinely euthanize animals painlessly.Right??

Lethal Injections used contained by the death cost are totally painess as to abide by the 8th ammendment. They give you sedative first to calm you and consequently they gently put you to sleep since they inject another drug to stop the heart. You drift off to sleep much smaller number painlessly than you should. Their victims sure didn't get that consideration.
All they perceive is a needle stick. Is that horrible? They die opening more peacefully than the average person, not to mention their victims.
Executed individuals are given ANESTHESIA earlier they are put to death, which is a luxury that be not afforded to their victims.

If that is "horrible anguish and suffering", then every anesthetic we tender is as well. However, citizens I talk to come across to prefer having their surgeries WITH anesthesia. While we're at it, the guardianship given by EMT's at an accident scene includes an IV - they, too, are perpetrate the same horrors I do.

BTW, euthanized animals also bring back injections, so it's the same.
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