Someone told me that ADVAIR DISKUS can/could
cause heart problems & that it can/could
make happen someones heart to stop.
(1.) Is that true?
(2.) Why or Why not?
(3.) Why would she say such a item that isn't true?

The person told me it made her own heart problems.
But if that was true I wouldn't dream up that
the FDA would approve of the drug& doctors wouldn't
prescribe it.
I'm so worried about taking it in a minute.
I'm going to see if my psycharist will help me
run it tonight just surrounded by case I hold a serious side
effect of the medince & just contained by case I hold a allergic
reaction to the medince since my full family
doesn't filch things seriously.
(3.)Should I have my psycharist relieve me take it tonight?
(4.) Why or Why not?
(5.) Why does she conjecture Advair Diskus caused her heart problems?

Have you used albuterol (Proventil) for asthma? Advair have two components, salmeterol (which works similar to Proventil but longer acting) and fluticasone (corticosteroid like prednisone, same ingredient as Flovent). The salmeterol is a beta-agonist, and this features of medications should be used next to caution within patients with cardiovascular diseases, specially heart damp squib or arrhythmia. But, if you have used Proventil within the past, you should be fine. It may present you tachycardia. If you feel discomfited using it, talk to the doctor who prescribe you the medication. Not everyone respond indistinguishable way to medication, so, someone may feel heart discomfort near the medication while other people may grain fine. Try it, see how it works on you first.
salmertol and fluticsone is a cotristeroid used for ashtma and allergies. It can cause solidity gain and impotence.
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